Forest-based solutions for clean surface water protection, biodiversity, bioeconomy and climate resilience

  • Project start:  September 2021
  • End of project: December 2025
  • Funding: LIFE programme.
  • Budget: €2,223,596 NEIKER: €875,355 (55% Financed from the Life Program)
  • Partnerts: UPV/EHU, BC3, Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao/Bizkaia, Agencia EFE

LIFE URBASO will establish and maintain a network of pilot areas where nature-based solutions will be implemented to guarantee both the quantity and quality of water for human consumption. The EU Water Framework Directive establishes that areas where water abstractions for human consumption are established must be protected. However, land use is not regulated in these areas. In Euskadi, there are more than 250 water collection areas intended for the production of water for human consumption, of which 70% are under forest systems. The project will develop and implement forest management protocols to optimize interactions between forests and water through an ecosystem-based approach that will place water at the center of forest planning.