Environmental research

Conservation of the natural environment

The environment and natural resources are the bedrock of the primary sector. That’s why their conservation is one of NEIKER’s raisons d’être.

We develop innovative initiatives that lay the way for compatibility between the sustainable use of our natural resources and conservation of the environment, biodiversity, the landscape and preservation of the natural and rural environment. It is therefore essential to carry out studies on the conservation and sustainable use of agricultural and natural resources and, specifically, to develop measures to recover the functional nature of degraded soil in our environment.

Using environmental monitoring techniques, we study the impact of climate change on our environment and propose solutions to reduce its effect and adapt to the new environmental scenarios. We design an integral strategy for introducing guidelines on the sustainable handling and conservation of natural resources, so that they can later be transferred to the sector to correct non-sustainable attitudes.

Balance between production and conservation.

The NEIKER Environmental Research team develops R&D&I projects aimed at minimising the environmental impact of agro-livestock and forestry production systems, adapting to climate change and conserving natural resources.

People in environmental research
Dra.Pilar Merino
Head of the Environmental Research Department
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