Mission, vision and values

To support, promote and contribute to improving the Basque agri-food sector competitiveness likewise environment preservation, generating scientific knowledge and transferrable solutions providing the Basque Country with well-being and wealth with committed motivated people.

To be a Technological R+D reference for innovation in the agri-food and environment sectors.

Our management is based on five fundamental values that inspire and drive us.

We are members of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, an umbrella body created in 1997 grouping different bodies and organisations in the field of science and technology, thanks to which we can offer specific solutions to precise challenges from the general interest of the sector.


We ensure development opportunities for everyone based on equality, participation, shared leadership, commitment and recognition based on professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and mutual respect.
Scientific Excellence
We generate advanced knowledge by implementing innovative methodologies and processes.
Result Oriented
We work on an advanced target oriented management model fostering ongoing improvement.
Customer Service & Satisfaction Oriented
We seek solutions which generate value in the in the productive and institutional agro-food and environmental fabric.
Active Sustainability Action
We sustainably manage infrastructures and resources.