Forestry research

Forestry sustainability

We combine our pledge to farm sustainability and effectiveness with work to improve genetics, while keeping a watch on and controlling forestry diseases.

We have also designed programmes to fight soil erosion and degradation, as well as to reuse waste within our forestry bioeconomy strategy.

We therefore have an ambitious R&D&I plan to improve our forestry systems, which develops four basic lines of work:

  • Forestry health
  • Alternative species
  • Timber quality
  • Reactivation of the genetic improvement plan

All based on sustainability parameters and with special attention to the effects of climate change.

Forestry research is one of our strategic lines.

The NEIKER Plant Research team develops R&D&I projects to optimise forestry production systems and guarantee forest health.

People in forestry research
Dr. Ander Arias González
Head of the Forestry Research Department
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