Livestock solutions

Working for the sector

Factors such as climate change, globalisation, changes in consumption habits, farm efficiency, food health, social awareness of animal welfare… have led to a change of paradigm in the traditional livestock sector, obliging us to provide solutions adapted to today’s needs and to the continuous changes affecting the sector.

Transparency of the sector and access to information has enabled consumers to call for increasingly more healthy, beneficial and high-quality natural products, in keeping with the One Health concept defending an interconnected strategy for looking after the health of people, animals and the environment.

Globalisation has increased the competence and reduced the profitability of local farms.
The social and institutional commitment to sustainability in our territory has forced farms to make changes in order to improve the standards of their operational methods.

These and other aspects have led to profound changes in the livestock sector requiring the application of new solutions adapted to the needs of local producers and to consumers’ rising demands.

Innovating in sustainability, efficiency and safety for the livestock sector
Iker Bilbao
Head of Transfer and Market
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