Plant research

Plant production and protection

Today plant production is subject to constant evolution making it necessary to activate research processes to increase the food safety, productivity and competitiveness of the sector.

NEIKER is a pioneer of these processes to obtain local varieties adapted to our environmental conditions, in order to optimise production systems and agricultural practices, and to improve the qualities of the end product.

All the expertise of traditional genetics research, accumulated for years, together with

our ongoing commitment to innovation, means that we can transfer this knowledge to the agricultural sector and generate value in the production processes. We therefore help to minimise the impact of climate change on crops and to meet the growing need for agro-ecological products, economically profitable and competitive.

Agricultural sustainability and competitiveness

The NEIKER Plant Research team develops R&D&I projects focussed on optimising plant production systems and guaranteeing healthy crops.

People in plant research
Dra. Amaia Ortiz Barredo
Head of the Plant Research Department
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