Animal research
Livestock: health and sustainability

Sustainable livestock breeding and animal health are two key elements of activity at NEIKER.

Our teams develop innovative solutions focussed on increasing the efficiency, competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of livestock production units while guaranteeing their continuity with productive systems favouring the generational change.

We work on research projects to improve animal health, prevent the transmission of diseases to other animals and humans, improve animal genetics and optimise livestock feed and nutrition. All based on available local resources, adaptation to and respect for the environment, high standards of animal welfare and the obtaining of animal feed outstanding for its quality. 

We foster animal welfare.



The NEIKER Animal Research team develops R&D&I projects focussed on optimising animal production systems and guaranteeing the health of farms and wild fauna.

People in animal research
Dr. Joseba Garrido Urkullu
Head of the Animal Health Dept.
Dr. Roberto J. Ruiz Santos
Head of the Animal Production Dept.
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