Analytics services

Innovating for the sector

The carrying out of analytical tests on the different elements making up agricultural and livestock farms constitutes a factor of quality, conservation and safety essential for development of the sector in terms of economic efficiency and sustainability.

  • The health of livestock farms
  • Food safety and quality
  • Greater profitability of the Basque agricultural sector

Commitment to providing specialised advice.
How to send samples

You can download the instructions on how to send a sample or accreditation to any of our laboratories. You will also find the forms to be filled in and sent together with the sample.

High security installations

Two high security installations occupying a total surface of

1,520 m2.


Prepared to research high risk infectious agents with a strong potential for respiratory transmission.


Equipped with the latest technology for carrying out biological diagnoses and researching the disease risk caused by quarantine plant pathogens.


As well as safety infrastructures, we have experimental equipment which helps us to develop our scientific work.

We have a microbiology and immunology laboratory, a biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory, installations for animal experiments with biosafety levels 2 and 3, a plant testing greenhouse with biosafety level 2, a chromatography area, molecular biology areas, an analytical chemistry area and a plant analysis laboratory.

Biological Alert Laboratory Network (RE-LAB)

Since 2016, NEIKER has belonged to the Biological Alert Laboratory Network (RE-LAB), promoted by the Presidency of the Spanish Government.

This network, coordinated by the Carlos III Health Institute, provides the National System for Conducting Crisis Situation with an essential scientific-technical infrastructure for responding to the threats posed by dangerous biological agents.

Accredited Tests

You can download and consult all of the tests accredited by ENAC for NEIKER.

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