Study of plant protection products, mycotoxins and acrylamide on the main vegetables produced and consumed in the Basque Country

Evaluation of the potential intake of residues of pesticides, mycotoxins and acrylamide in plant production in the Basque Country, taking organic and conventional production systems into account.

Specific objectives
Study of the historical evolution and future of the plant protection treatments in conventional, integrated and organic agriculture.
Determination of the presence of pesticides in food consumed in the Basque Country, taking into account source, production system and distribution channel.
Establishment of intake based on consumption groups in the Basque Country.

Classification of potato varieties based on their levels of acrylamide precursors and nitrogen fertilisation.
Classification of the production processes of coffee and toast with regard to their productive potential of acrylamide.
Estimate of present and potential aflatoxin levels in grains (wheat and maize) depending on production systems, crop and harvest management.
Evaluation of intake of aflatoxins, taking into account the marketing channels in the Basque Country.
Analysis of the reduction of mycotoxigenic fungi in crops and harvests managed according to the latest EU recommendations and regulations in the Basque Country.