We are looking for the most innovative agri-food startups in southern Europe to boost them.

  • The European organization EIT Food, of which NEIKER is a partner, has among its objectives the search for this type of companies to help them grow and compete in the global market.
  • Once again this organization has launched the Seedbed and EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT FAN) programs to accelerate their growth.
  • The deadline for applications is February 28th. The EIT Food headquarters for southern Europe will supervise around twenty startups, which will receive intensive support for several months according to their needs.

The agri-food system is undergoing a revolution and needs new ideas to drive it forward. The European organization EIT Food has among its objectives the search for this type of startups to help them grow and compete globally. Thus, each year it looks for the most cutting-edge projects to host them in its incubator (Seedbed) and its accelerator EIT Food Accelerator Network (FAN). The 2022 edition is already underway, with the call for these two entrepreneurship programs.

These programs have a pan-European character, implemented through ‘hubs’ in the most powerful cities in the agri-food sector on the continent. Specifically, the headquarters of EIT Food in the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia leads these activities for southern Europe, and NEIKER is one of the collaborating technology centers that makes all its knowledge about the agrifood sector and its infrastructures available to selected entrepreneurs to help them successfully develop their initiatives.

Registrations for the two programs are already open and the deadline is February 28th. All the information is available here.

EIT Food considers that, within the agri-food sector, the areas with the most growth potential are “personalized nutrition, sustainable aquaculture and agriculture, alternative proteins, digital transformation of traceability and circular food systems.


The Seedbed program is an incubator to validate business ideas. It will select the 40 best early-stage startups, which will be distributed throughout Europe in five ‘hubs’, one of them Bilbao.


EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT FAN) helps startups to grow and give them an international push. It selects the 60 best startups in Europe, 10 of them in the Spanish hub, one of the candidates’ favorites.