NEIKER publishes two guides on safe use of antibiotics in dairy cattle

Antibiotics are used to treat illnesses caused by bacteria. Their application is essential to public health and the health of animals. However, inappropriate use and abuse of these drugs (both in humans and in animals) has led to the proliferation of several types of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, hindering their effectiveness.

Prudent use is needed to stop the dissemination of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics. Accordingly, within the framework of the URAGAN (Reasonable Use of Antibiotics in Cattle) project, funded by the Basque government’s Department of Economic Development and Environment, and in coordination with the RAM-Euskadi (Action Against Antimicrobial Resistance of the Basque Country) Programme, the Animal Health Department of NEIKER has published two guides with recommendations on prudent use of antibiotics in the bovine dairy livestock industry.

These two documents, one aimed at farmers and the other at veterinarians working in the sector, offer a number of tips and guidelines to optimise the use of antibiotics and help make them more sustainable and preserve their effectiveness.

You can download the guidelines from these links (only in Spanish):

Recommendations for prudent use of antibiotics in dairy cattle. ROLE OF DAIRY FARMERS
Recommendations for prudent use of antibiotics in dairy cattle. ROLE OF VETERINARIANS