Informative session on the walnut trees of Araba to promote crop diversification

11 June 2021

We participate in an informative session on the walnut trees of Araba to promote crop diversification

  • The event, organised by the Association for Rural Development of Arañana in Zambrana (Araba), was attended by 20 farmers interested in planting this kind of crop
  • This event is part of NEIKER’s commitment to sharing its technical know-how with the industry

Crop diversification is one of the Basque government’s objectives for the primary sector to adapt to the market, meet new consumer demands and supply local foods not currently grown in the Basque Country or not grown frequently here, despite their potential. This was the reason for launching the collaborative UTG NOGAL project led by UAGA (Agro Livestock Farming Union of Araba), an initiative that wrapped up in December and consisted of creating a pilot plan to technically manage the planting of nut trees in the Basque Country.

Within this context, partners on the project, including NEIKER, participated in an informative session on these kinds of crops, especially walnut trees. Organised by ADR (the Association of Rural Development) of Añana, the event was attended by 20 farmers interested in nut trees. They attended different technical presentations given by the project’s partners.

The event took place yesterday on the test farm we maintain with ADR of Añana in Zambrana, Araba. It’s a place that, in the words of Amaia Ortiz, head of NEIKER’s Department of Plant Production and Protection, “is offering up a lot of key information on new walnut, almond and hazelnut tree plantations in Araba”.

She presented the major points of interest for planting nut trees in the area yesterday. The talk ranged from varieties to nurseries of reference and planting costs.

Participants were also able to visit a recently planted walnut tree orchard in Armiñón, see the watering system chosen, the varieties and the planting framework based on the type of pruning to be done.

They also had the opportunity to hear first-hand information on the subsidies for planting nut trees in the province, as was recently codified by the Provincial Council of Araba.

This informative event on nut trees was part of our commitment to sharing our technical know-how with the industry.


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