Forestry genetic improvement with latest generation biotechnological tools

Within the framework of the close collaboration maintained since 2019 between NEIKER and the Costa Rican Institute of Forestry Research and Services (INISEFOR), this week we hosted Dr. Ana Hine, director of INISEFOR. Costa Rica, the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world, is notable for its successful flora and fauna conservation programmes. In recent years this Central American country has implemented various conservation plans for genetic resources with which it has become an international leader in the comprehensive management of forest plantations and natural forests.

Costa Rican Institute of Forestry Research and Services has also recently set out upon a new line of work, based on molecular biology, to implement their programme of genetic improvement with latest-generation biotechnological tools. Thus, they aim to maximise the economic yield of forests sustainably, without overlooking conservation and the increase in biodiversity.

The visit to NEIKER by the researcher and expert in forestry science Dr. Hine enabled a knowledge exchange between the two organisations, as NEIKER has extensive experience in the genetic improvement of forestry resources.