Annual Report of NEIKER

30 June 2020

BIGDATA, genetic selection, super trees, virtual fences… all that and more in our annual report 2019

Our 2019 Annual Report is available. In it we set out our main milestones from the past year and review the main projects we have been developing.

At NEIKER we work to create innovative and transferable solutions that help the agricultural and forestry sector to adapt to consumer demands, new regulations and social requirements and the challenges brought about by the climate emergency. During 2019 we have worked hard to achieve a more sustainable and competitive sector with the capacity to incorporate new technologies.

Some of the areas on which we have focused in 2019 have been the sustainability of farms, genetic improvement, animal welfare and bio-economy, and we have continued to deepen our knowledge in fields that will allow us to face the demands of new European regulations such as GREEN DEAL with guarantees. The transfer of our knowledge to the sector has been another noteworthy area. Last year we held around twenty events which were attended by 4,000 professionals.

Finally, in 2019 a relevant milestone has taken place for NEIKER: our incorporation into the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), a Basque Government consortium that brings together various technology agents in the Basque Country. This alliance places NEIKER among the main technological entities in our country and with its synergies and positioning it will help us to compete with large international research corporations.

All this and much more can be consulted in our report, which also has a new image this year.