Adaptation to climate change in vineyards in the POCTEFA area

  • Project start: 01/03/2024
  • End of project: 28/02/2027
  • Main researcher: Ana Aizpurua
  • Funder: Interreg POCTEFA 2021-2027 programme
  • Reference: EFA116/01
  • Budget: 202.903,35 € (65 % financed)
  • Partners: IFV, ICVV, EVENA, CA64, LISST and University of Toulouse.

General objective:

Assess and raise awareness of the value chain on different agronomic practices of adaptation to climate change in the POCTEFA territory.

Specific objectives:

  • Respond to climate change by proposing agronomic strategies to limit the negative effects of high temperatures and water stress on the grape ripening growth period, as well as soil loss through erosion due to frequent torrential rainfall linked to climate change.
  • Study the agronomic behaviour of a selection of vine varieties and clones by studying their water and nitrogen nutritional status and phenology in order to assess their resilience to climate change.
  • To raise awareness among stakeholders in the territory in a broad sense, from the winegrower to the consumer, including public authorities and civil society, of practices for adapting to climate change and, on the other hand, to analyse the obstacles and levers for their adoption.