Optimisation and standardisation of production and management

  • Financing: Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness. Basque Government.
  • Head researcher: Iker A. Sevilla
  • Implementation: 2014-2015

The overall objective of the project is to standardise and optimise the production of an inactivated strain of M. bovis for use as a vaccine or immunogen and define the optimum formulation and dosage

The specific objectives and tasks are:

1. To define the optimum culture conditions with regard to production.
2. To define the optimum bacterial inactivation conditions with regard to safety.
3. To identify the most interesting combination of production and inactivation in terms of conservation or alteration of genetic and antigenic characteristics and monitor the stability of these characteristics in stock cultures and vaccines over time.
4. To identify the best combinations of end formulation and routes of administration in terms of protection and diagnostic interference