Report 2023: consolidation of agritech, advances in bioeconomy, 25th anniversary…

23 May 2024

In 2023 we have continued to work on making our raison d’être a reality: to create valuable solutions based on scientific knowledge to support the sustainable development of the agri-food and forestry sector, in order to contribute to the well-being of society, innovation, companies and public administrations so that they can be better positioned to face their main challenges.

To this end, we have executed nearly 160 research projects and technological services, which have involved a total volume of activity of 14.7 million euros. Nearly 120 offers have been worked on, generating a portfolio of 15 million euros, which will form part of the 2024 production with an initial budget of 15.4 million euros.

Within the framework of the agritech strategy, whose objective is to promote competitiveness and efficiency in the agri-food and forestry sector through innovation and the incorporation of technology and digitalisation of processes, during the 2023 financial year we have tackled 9 challenges, through 12 R&D&I projects, with leading companies in the sector.

As a result of these collaborations, important results have been achieved, such as a reduction of up to 20% in the use of fertilisers, increases of 20% in production through bioponic system or the development of virtual stations that allow precise meteorological data to be obtained throughout the agricultural area of the Basque Country. We have invested in key experimental infrastructures to tackle new indoor and/or high-tech production systems, and we have initiated new and innovative research into agrivoltaics, digitalisation on farms and the early detection of diseases.

In 2023, NEIKER has once again been a key player in leading the development and implementation of the bioeconomy in the Basque Country. We have taken part in events such as the Forestry Innovation Forum held in Brussels and organised the Bioeconomy 2023 Innovation Day in Bilbao, together with the European Forest Institute, which included representatives of the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund.

2023 has also been a special year for NEIKER because it has been 25 years since our definition as the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development.

All this has been possible thanks to the effort and quest for excellence that guides the 200 or so people who make up NEIKER. We have the knowledge and experience of scientists who appear year after year in the prestigious Stanford ranking, and also the enthusiasm and drive of young talents to transform the sector and turn it into a sustainable, attractive alternative with a bright future.

You can find all this and much more in our corporate report 2023. We invite you to read it.

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