Immunological and genetic markers associated with latent or patent infections caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis

  • Financing: INIA RTA-2014-00009-C02-00. Coordinated project, participants: NEIKER and SERIDA
  • Principal researcher: Dr. Marta Alonso (NEIKER)
  • Implementation: 2016-2018


The project promotes the generation of knowledge for the development of more sensitive early diagnosis techniques and strategies for the control of paratuberculosis based on genetic selection. The project will employ transcriptome and massive genotyping and phenotyping technologies and it will use bioinformatic techniques and statistics to analyse all the information.


1- The identification of cellular immune response markers capable of distinguishing between healthy animals and those with a latent / patent infection.

2- The demonstration of the existence of genetic markers associated with the host’s susceptibility / resistance to suffering a specific form of the disease.