Climate change and forest health in the Pyrenees

  • Project start: 01/01/2024
  • End of project: 31/12/2026
  • Head Researcher: Eugenia Iturritxa
  • Funder: Interreg POCTEFA 2021-2027 programme
  • Reference: EFA052/01
  • Budget: 134.545,50 € (65% financed)
  • Partners: FORESPIR, CNPF NA, CNPF OCC, CPF, CTFC, DGA, GAN-NIK, HAZI, ONF, OPCC, UGS, ARI, DSF Sud-Est, DSF Nouvelle Aquitaine, GENCAT and Government of Navarra.

General objective:

To develop a forest health strategy in a context of climate change for the Pyrenees area.

Specific objectives:

Optimisation of the forest disease control process through environmentally friendly strategies (more resilient forest species, native biocontrol micro-organisms, natural substances) and modelling of the risk and spread of forest diseases present and not yet detected.