Advancing in the application of innovative phyto-management strategies in contaminated areas of the Sudoe space

  • Project start: 01/11/2020
  • Project end: 30/04/2023
  • Financing: Interreg SUDOE
  • Partners: NEIKER, UPV, CSIC-Galicia, Univ Santiago Compostela, Univ Católica Portuguesa, INRA-Burdeos, Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, etc.

During the PhytoSUDOE SOE1 / P5 / E0189 project, a network of sites (Green Remed Network) was created in which the efficacy of phyto-management was demonstrated (with emphasis on mining sites) and strategies based on soil-plant-microorganism interactions were developed.

Phy2SUDOE aims to (1) improve long-term monitoring of established sites in PhytoSUDOE; (2) expand said network through the incorporation of sites with different casuistry (urban areas, industrial zones, organic pollutants) and managers of said sites (administrations, companies) interested in plant management thanks, in part, to the workshops developed in PhytoSUDOE; (3) implement new plant management strategies; and (4), as a pioneer in the SUDOE region, implement measures to protect the biodiversity present in contaminated sites.