Control of Maedi-Visna in the Basque Country 15

  • Financing: Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness. Basque Government.
  • Head researcher: Ramón Juste
  • Implementation: 2015

The overall objective of this project is to investigate the prevalence and incidence of maedi-visna and possibilities for controlling this virus in herds in the Basque Country

The specific objectives are:

1. Collection of samples, serological analysis and collection of information on the management of herds.
2. Evaluation of the information generated through statistical analysis associated to the prevalence and incidence and factors that may affect the transmission, the determination of annual infection dynamics and the design and validation of a model for eradicating Maedi by selective elimination and minimum cost of seropositive animals
3. Dissemination of results and conclusions by presenting the findings to farmers, the industry and the scientific community, especially those which refer to transmission mechanisms and strategies for controlling and eradicating Maedi.