Productivity and sustainability of different lettuce cultivation systems

  • Project start: 15/10/2022
  • End of project: 31/12/2023
  • Funders: Basque Government
  • Budget: 34,580.89 € (55.61% financed)
  • Partners: Garaia, Barrenetxe and NEIKER

The final objective of the project is to achieve an improvement in the productivity and sustainability of protected lettuce cultivation, which will enable a stable and sustainable food supply to be achieved.

Traditional lettuce cultivation in the Basque Country is going through a critical period. To solve this situation, it is necessary to adopt production models that offer improved productivity and an increase in added value by improving sustainability.

The aim is to set up a pilot project to compare 3 lettuce production systems: in soil, hydroponic with or without biofertilisers. The monitoring and recording of data will make it possible to establish a manual of recommendations for decision making.