Evaluation of greenhouse gas mitigation strategies and calculation of C footprint in dairy cattle production systems

  • Funding: INIA (National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology) 
  • Leader: Pilar Merino 
  • Implementation: 15/09/2017 – 15/09/2020

Description: The project aims to tackle applied research from a multidisciplinary point of view, with an integrated approach to the agro-livestock system, with the aim of minimising problems related to livestock droppings, and a particular focus on the protection, conservation and improvement of the environment.

Objectives: To improve the characterisation and management of dairy cattle slurry on the Cantabrian coast, by considering the entire generation, storage and distribution chain of slurry in pastures/fodder/crops in order to identify and introduce measures to optimise nutrient recycling on farms by reducing dependence on mineral fertilisers, mitigate GHG emissions and NH3 volatilisation, and improve environmental sustainability by increasing soil carbon sequestration.