Thesis on plant research

Plant research
Mireia Núñez Zofío – 2012
Bio-disinfection with semi-composted manure for the control of the pepper crop disease caused by Phytophthora capsici Mireia Núñez Zofío – 2012
Haritz Arriaga – 2010
Cattle nutrition as a strategy to mitigate gaseous nitrogen losses from dairy farming Haritz Arriaga – 2010
Olatz Unamunzaga – 2010
Zoning of a vineyard in ‘Rioja Alavesa’ depending on soil properties and their influence on production and quality Olatz Unamunzaga – 2010
Argiñe Muruamendiaraz Lete – 2013
Fungal diseases in the wood of the Rioja Alavesa grapevine Argiñe Muruamendiaraz Lete – 2013
Vanessa Huerga Barreira – 2013
Early detection of grapevine fungal foliar diseases and host and non-host defence responses against Plasmopara Viticola infection Vanessa Huerga Barreira – 2013
Maider Astorkia – 2020
Crop improvement studies based on molecular approaches in interspecific Oil Palm hybrids Maider Astorkia – 2020