Implementation of an Early Warning Service on Water-related Climate Risks for a more resilient Sudoe

  • Project start: January 2019
  • End of project: December 2020
  • Funding: European Union
  • Partnerts: CDA24, NEIKER, CEBAS-CSIC, IMIDA, CIM Viseu Dão Lafões, DGSCE
  • Budget: 1.486.000,00 €
  • Web:

ClimAlert proposes the development of a transnational early warning service for water-related climate risks (droughts, fires and floods) in the Sudoe, the area of Europe most affected by phenomena associated with climate change.

To this end, the project plans to develop a transnational platform that will bring together data from Sentinel (radar, optical and near-infrared) and Landsat (optical and thermal) satellites, air and ground climate data, weather forecasts and maps of soil, hydrography and altitude. This platform will be tested in different locations throughout the cooperation area, with the collaboration of all stakeholders (civil protection, farmers’ associations, environmental management organisations, etc.) in the design and implementation phases. It will also help to predict and understand the behaviour of extreme weather events and water management at both rural and urban levels.