AGENDA 5 JULY: Strategy for soil protection against the impact of climate change: risk of erosion and carbon sequestration

1 July 2022


Strategy for soil protection against the impact of climate change: risk of erosion and carbon sequestration

05 JULY 2022

8:45 AM – 2:30 PM

Room 5H Terrace
Euskalduna Palace

Mountainous areas are among the regions most affected by natural hazards and these risks are forecast to increase due to the effects of climate change (more severe droughts, higher temperatures, changes in precipitation systems). These risks do not know administrative borders and require transnational coordination. In addition, the SUDOE space is one of the areas in the world that suffers and will suffer the effects of climate change most.

The INTERREG SUDOE MONTCLIMA project: “Increasing the resilience of SUDOE mountain territories against natural risks”, will develop a shared transnational framework of recommendations for the prevention and management of natural risks in mountain areas in the SUDOE region.

In this context of climate change one of the main risks to minimise and study in the MONTCLIMA project is soil degradation. Its sustainable management is crucial if we consider that it is the resource that provides 95% of our food, that may be an instrument in the mitigation of climate change due to its carbon storage capacity and that, in addition, is home to a quarter of the planet’s biodiversity.

Moreover, in recent years interest in carbon offsetting has increased, which is reflected in the need to help meet climate goals and adapt to the effects of the climate. Nevertheless, proper management of the offsetting credit mechanisms is a great challenge for carbon offsetting to be able to slow the progress of climate change and not end up as mere “greenwashing”.

The objective of the seminar, within the framework of the MONTCLIMA project, is to provide information on the existing local and international soil protection strategies in the mountainous areas of SUDOE, and focus on the stages inherent in the design of carbon offsetting mechanisms using soils (1, the role of the soil in climate neutrality; 2, monitoring systems; and 3, verification systems) and, finally, focus on the pilot experiences of MONTCLIMA in the strategy to reduce soil erosion.