AGENDA 15 JUNE: Field day – visit to the cereal variety evaluation tests 2021-2022

10 June 2022


Field day: visit to the cereal variety evaluation tests 2021-2022

15 june 2022

9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

NEIKER’s experimental fields in Arkaute and Gauna

Evaluation tests on cereal varieties enable us to offer the cereal sector (technicians, farmers, industrial and administrative workers) accurate and practical information about the agronomic adaptation and quality of the new varieties of cereals and extensive crops, in the different growing areas of Spain.

With this purpose, during a Field Day that will take place on 15 June 2022, the variety evaluation tests conducted in this campaign in NEIKER’s experimental fields in Arkaute and Gauna will be demonstrated.

In the Arkaute experimental fields you will be able to see the varieties of spring barley tested within the GENVCE network, in addition to the tests on other varieties of barley and oats carried out by the GARLAN cooperative.

In the Gauna experimental field you will be shown the varieties of autumn common wheat, autumn barley and oats tested within the GENVCE network as well as the “agronomic value” tests of autumn common wheat, spring barley and oats.

Moreover, you will visit a test on varieties of “strong” wheat under our conditions and with fertilising aimed at increasing the protein content of the varieties.

Full information on yield and other aspects of the varieties, cycle, agronomy, disease, etc. will be available to anyone who requires it.


9:30 am Reception in Arkaute and visit to the variety tests

  • Test on spring barley (GENVCE)
  • Test on barley and oats (GARLAN Cooperative)

11:00 Transport to the Gauna fields

11:30 Visit to the tests on winter common wheat (GENVCE), autumn barley (GENVCE) and oats (GENVCE).Visits to the agronomic value tests that NEIKER is conducting for the “Spanish Office of Plant Varieties” (OEVV) of the Ministry of Agriculture and a test on “strong” wheat varieties in our agroclimatic conditions.

1:00 pm End of the visit