AGENDA 8 JULY: ‘Label science’: evaluation and certification of animal welfare in turkeys

13 June 2022


‘Label science’: evaluation and certification of animal welfare in turkeys

08 JULY 2022

1:00 PM – 1:45 PM


In this seminar we will present the development of a new method for the quantitative evaluation of animal welfare in poultry farming for meat. The transect method enables the evaluation of commercial batches in a straightforward and efficient way, without the need to capture or handle the animals. We will explain the path from conceptualising the method as an idea, to its use as a tool for the Welfair® certification of turkeys.

At the same time, this method, based on the use of digital apps designed for this purpose, not only facilitates animal welfare certification, but also makes it possible to improve the handling of the poultry through decision-making based on the quantitative evaluation of the real status of the birds, and thus the early detection of any incidents that may affect to their growth.


Inma Estevez has led NEIKER’s Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare Research Group since 2008, as an IKERBASQUE Research Professor (Basque Foundation for Science), after having led a research group at the University of Maryland (USA) for 11 years, where she achieved the rank of Full Professor. Inma is the author of numerous scientific and dissemination publications, a patent in the USA, and the first two applications developed on a world level for assessing the welfare of turkeys and chickens reared for meat. Inma obtained significant research projects both in the USA and Europe, and has been part of scientific committees related to production poultry welfare of the EFSA and the WOAH, among others.

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