AGENDA 24 MAY: sustainable winemaking strategies and practices for adaptation to climate change

10 May 2022


Sustainable winemaking strategies and practices for adaptation to climate change

24 may 2022

09:00-13:30 h

The overall objective of the VITISAD project is to improve the adaptation of the western region of the POCTEFA area (the border region of Spain, France and Andorra) through the promotion of agricultural practices that make it possible to adapt vineyards to climate change.

To take on this challenge that this situation of change entails together, this project proposes diverse sustainable agriculture strategies that the viticulturist can use as a tool when making decisions.

This conference aim to show the results of the studies conducted in the DO Ca Rioja, DO Navarra, DO Bizkaiko Txakolina, AOC Irouleguy, AOC Madiran, AOC Jurançon, AOC Jurançon Sec, AOC Pécharmant, AOC Pacherenc du Vic Bilh and AOC Pacherenc du Vic Bilh sec in which the following strategies were evaluated: use of green roofs, choice of the most suitable green material, organic fertilisation, use of shading mesh, irrigation, delayed pruning, etc.


09: 00 Reception of participants

09:30 Start of the conference. Introductory speeches

10:00 Green roofs in Navarre, Rioja and the Basque Country. The fight against erosion

  • Seeded winter green roofs:effects on soils and vines in the Pyrenees región Pyrenees-Atlantiques
  • Questions on green roofs

10:30 Ancient varieties of the Pyrenees: are they of interest for the future?

  • Pyrenees-Atlantiques Diversity of Tempranillo and Graciano
  • Old-vidadas varieties (Navarre)
  • Evaluation of plant health in different vineyards
  • Questions on plant material

11:20 Coffee break


11:50 Use of shading mesh over vines. Initial results

  • Temperature in Jurançon vineyards: effects of plot gradient and orientation
  • Questions on temperature reduction of bunches

12:20 Irrigation and green roofs in the DO Ca Rioja

  • How can we rationalise irrigation? Monitoring, type of supply and techniques.
  • Questions on irrigation

12:50 Effects of pruning date on vine behaviour

  • Organic fertilisation applied to soil and in irrigation
  • Questions on fertilisation and pruning

1:30 Tasting of wines from the different experiments conducted