AGENDA: Results of our cereal varieties evaluation tests

21 September 2021


Results of our cereal varieties evaluation tests

Cereal varieties evaluation tests allow us to offer the cereal sector (technicians, farmers, industrial and administrative workers) accurate and practical information about the agronomic adaptation and quality of the new varieties of cereals and extensive crops, in the different cultivation areas of Spain. With this aim we want to present the results obtained in the tests conducted during the 2020-2021 campaign on the network by NEIKER together with the rest of autonomous communities that comprise the GENVCE group.

We will show the results of the tests conducted by NEIKER on Autumn soft wheat crops as well as Autumn barleys and Spring malt barleys at our experimental farm in Gauna. We will show varieties with a performance and agronomic parameters that are above the tested average.

Likewise, we will present the results of the tests of the exterior network on Autumn wheat and Spring barley crops conducted by NEIKER in two differentiated agro-climatic zones in the province of Araba. In the exterior network, the best varieties of the tests conducted at La LLanada (region in Araba) are now evaluated in two areas with different climates and soil conditions.


  • DATE: 05 October 2021
  • LOCATION: Las Caballerizas (NEIKER Head Office in Arkaute)




10:00 Presentation of the varieties evaluation tests conducted in accordance with the GENVCE network protocol. Juan Bautista Relloso (NEIKER)

10:30 Round of questions

10:40 Presentation of this first year of exterior network. Evaluation of the best varieties tested for two years at Arkaute to observe their acclimatization and performance in different agro-climatic zones in the province of Araba. Ibai Elorza (NEIKER)

11:10 Round of questions