Methods for controlling Vespa velutina

  • Financing: Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness. Basque Government.
  • Head researcher: Ana L García-Pérez,
  • Implementation: 2015

The main objective of this project is the development of methods that minimise the effects of the Asian wasp on beekeeping in the Basque Country, while respecting biodiversity. We plan to assess the effectiveness of protein baits with biocides that are friendly to other species in the environment (birds, vertebrates, etc.). At the same time, we will make a forecast of their expansion and characterise nesting areas.

The specific objectives are:

1. To test the combination of baits with IGR (insect growth regulator) type biocides, with nests kept under laboratory controlled conditions.
2. To carry out a pilot trial in a limited area in Gipuzkoa, to test the potential effectiveness that the simultaneous application of protein baits with biocide would have on apiaries on a regional scale.