Rational use of antibiotics in livestock farming

  • Funding: Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Policy of the Basque Government
  • Leader: Ana Hurtado
  • Implementation: 2018

Antibiotics are essential medicines for human and animal health and their use has made it possible to save millions of lives. However, their inappropriate use in human and veterinary medicine has fostered the appearance and spread of bacteria that are multi-resistant against many antibiotics, which could lead us towards the “post-antibiotic era” in which many of today’s usual therapeutic strategies would no longer be effective. Therefore, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is already a global threat and a major socio-economic challenge.


General objective:

To delay or prevent the emergence and spread of resistant bacteria through actions based on the rational use of antibiotics.

Specific objectives:

  1. Diagnosis of the use of antibiotics in livestock in the Basque Country
  2. Characterisation and epidemiological surveillance of resistance
  3. Prevention of animal infections and their spread
  4. Characterisation of the immunological status of animals
  5. Development of new solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases