New vaccine products against bovine paratuberculosis

  • Financing: CZ Veterinaria SA, Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness. Basque Government. 13-00091
  • Head researcher: Natalia Elguezabal
  • Implementation: 2012-2015

This project aims to develop new vaccine products which may be used against bovine paratuberculosis. To do so, we will evaluate the usefulness of new vaccines and work with existing and improved animal models.

The specific objectives are:

1. To evaluate the protective effect of Silirum® vaccines and the UTE-CZV-VACUNEK prototype by studying new ways of vaccination in experimental infections of paratuberculosis in rabbits. The parameters that will be taken into account to define the preparation and the most effective route will be: weight and visible clinical symptoms, the presence of MAP in tissues and the development of typical paratuberculosis damage in rabbits.
2. In order to create an improved experimental infection model, we will evaluate the effect of a high fibre diet on the Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection in rabbits.
3. We will evaluate the effect of vaccination with Silirum in cattle herds in the Basque Country.