Impact of climate change and adaptation in Euskadi

Its main objective is to analyze the evidence of climate change and more effective adaptation measures against the potential impacts on water resources, infrastructure, urban areas, coast, marine, natural, land and agricultural ecosystems.

The K-egokitzen project “Climate Change: Impacts and Adaptation”, is a 3-years lenghth project that in its first phase, is going to be  coordinated by the Environmental Unit of Tecnalia and involving two other  Tecnalia Corporation centers (NEIKER and AZTI) and 12 research teams from the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU).

Based on the knowledge of the evidence of climate change and the impacts on the different systems studied in the BAC arise adaptation strategies for natural and human systems in response to possible scenarios, so as to moderate the damage and seize the opportunities created.

Egokitzen is a K-oriented research project funded by the  Environment, Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries Department of the Basque Government, through the ETORTEK  program of the Society for the Promotion of Industry (SPRI) and the  Industry and Innovation Department  under Basque Science, Technology and Innovation 2010 Plan.