Analysis of the Health and Development of Methods for the Protection of Forest Masses in the Basque Country

Identifying and assessing the risk associated with Insignis pine and eucalyptus diseases in the Basque Country and defining strategies to reduce their severity.
Specific objectives:

Identification of native and introduced pathogens currently present in species of forest masses in the Basque Country, with special attention to the Insignis pine and eucalyptus.
Establishing maps of incidence and risk of spreading associated with diseases of the eucalyptus and Insignis pine.
Estimation of the risk and impact of eucalyptus and Insignis pine diseases on the profitability of cultivated forest masses
Developing and testing the measures for reducing the severity of disease caused by F circinatum in the Insignis pine by means of two strategies: evaluation of resistant genotypes and adaptation of forestry management in relation to the quality of the site.