Comprehensive management of livestock waste as fertilizer for crops

Deals with  issues of great importance and relevance to agriculture and the environment of the Basque Country: the proper management of manure and slurry and proper fertilization in farms.This is a three-year (2009-2012)long project, funded by the Pyrenees Cooperation programe of POCTEFA, and the Agriculture and livestook depatment of the Basque Government in the BAC

The project objective is to develop FERGIR research and technology transfer to provide joint solutions to problems arising from the management and recovery of manure and slurry as fertilizer; problems such as:

  •  Lack of coordination and communication between herders and farmers.
  • Lack of storage capacity on farms.
  • Insufficient information on the composition and management of livestock waste.
  • Potential environmental impacts of manure and slurry application.
  • Lack of adequate equipment for distribution.
  • Difficulty to exploit technological advances to improve manure management.