Development of climate finance to reduce carbon footprint in mixed crop-livestock farming in a sustainable way

  • Project start:  June 2021
  • End of project: December 2032
  • Funding: Life Programme (EU)
  • Budget: 48.685 € (55% funded)
  • Partners: Asoprovac, Teagasc, Lorra, Unicarve, diferentes Chambres d´Agriculture, ASPROCARNE PIEMONTE – ORGANIZZAZIONE PRODUTTORI CARNE PIEMONTE, Britany Chambers of Agriculture; Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria, COOP de France

By mixing climate and economic objectives, the project goal is to develop a low carbon and sustainable strategy in a cost efficient way in cattle production in major and contrasting countries producing milk and beef in Europe: France, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Spain.

  • Elaboration of harmonized tools and standards for implementing carbon farming initiatives
  • Development of carbon farming projects in France, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy
  • Calculating implementation cost of carbon farming projects
  • Application of climate finance in carbon farming projects
  • Setting up a EU low carbon farming network
  • Building up a European framework for a carbon and sustainable carbon farming strategy