Glycobiology-based advanced therapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases

Project start: 12/03/2022
Project end: 31/12/2023
Funders: Basque Government – ELKARTEK Programme
Budget: 238,317.25 (subsidised 50.20%)
Partners: CIC bioMAGUNE, CIDETEC, Tecnalia, VICOMTECH, Gaiker, Hospital Donostia, Polymat

With the BMG22 proposal we want to improve our knowledge on the role of glycans as mediators in cell adhesion, as biomarkers, effector molecules of therapeutic antibodies, molecular receptors that determine the tissue migration of exosomes and as important recognition elements in interactions between host and pathogens that are increasingly recognised.


Using a wide range of techniques such as oligosaccharide synthesis, enzyme chemistry, microarray technology, surface mass spectrometry, and nanotechnology we aim to develop new research tools and methodology to be applied to biomedical problems relevant to cancer therapy and diagnosis, vaccine development and microbial antibiotic resistance.


The common thread linking the subprojects is the common use of reagents and tools based on glycotechnology, microarray technology and oligosaccharide synthesis, used in an innovative way to explore the extraordinary role of glycans as molecular recognition elements in immunology and their application to human and animal health problems in collaboration with a network of international collaborators in Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy and at a local level with the collaboration of local RVCTI agents such as the Biodonostia Institute, CIDETEC, Vicomtech, NEIKER, Polymat and the Biomaterials area of Tecnalia.