Implementation of regenerative rotational grazing practices in commercial livestock farms in the Basque Country

  • Project start: 01/07/2022
  • Project end: 31/12/2023
  • Funders: Basque Government
  • Budget: 31.739,69 € (subsidised 55,61%)
  • Partners: Olako (leader), 3 farmers (Julen Martínez de Santos, Asier Fernández de Jauregui and Ismael Zubia) and Behialde.

Livestock farming linked to the territory plays an important role in the generation of ecosystem services. However, in order to optimise these benefits, appropriate grazing management is essential and, in this sense, regenerative rotational grazing practices (RR grazing) have shown promising results (Diaz de Otalora et al, 2021).

Following the “Regenerating soils, livestock, pastures and economies” conference organised by HAZI, there was a growing interest among Basque farmers in implementing this type of initiative, for which they contacted NEIKER due to its experience in the field (LIFE REGEN FARMING).

The APATXA project arose as a project to answer questions related to the management of regenerative grazing (design and planning of calendars, etc.).