New safe, healthy and sustainable ingredients originating from legume cultivation

  • Project start: January 2024
  • End of the project: 2025
  • Principal researcher: Amaia Ortiz Barredo
  • Financing: Basque Government – ​​Eusko Jaurlaritza
  • Program: Healthy Eating Strategy
  • Call: Innovation Fund 2024
  • Acronym: 3SLEKA
  • Total budget: 380,000 euros
  • Percentage financed: 100%
  • Partners: NEIKER and AZTI

General objective:

Research and generate the knowledge and technology necessary to develop new ingredients and foods based on SAFE, HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE LEGUMES that improve the quality of life of the senior population and that transform the Basque food sector, enabling it to face the energy-climate transition. to food security, nutritional well-being, and the demographic challenge of the aging population.

Specific objectives:

  • Promote a safer, sustainable and healthier legume production ecosystem based on agricultural management strategies that dispense with the use of conventional synthetic agrochemicals.
  • Investigate new ingredients originating from legumes and their impact on food structures, with a focus on modeling the research for its application in food formulation.
  • Develop innovative products, technologies and services that meet the sensory, nutritional requirements and/or health claims associated with the senior population, from a healthy aging perspective.
  • Promote transparency and traceability in the ingredient and food value chain.
  • Provide consumer satisfaction, information and confidence in legume crops.
  • Position Euskadi as a European leader in the development, technology and production of alternative ingredients and products based on legumes to increase supply in the sector.

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