5 NEIKER researchers among the 5,000 top scientists in Spain, according to the CSIC ranking

15 June 2022
  • This list has been drawn up taking into account only professionals with a profile in the Google Scholar database

The Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC or Council for Scientific Research) has published its first ranking of the 5,000 most influential scientists working in Spanish organisations. This was based on the scores for the indicators in public profiles in Google Scholar, a search engine specialising in scientific content and literature.

Thus, this list of professionals includes five of our colleagues. Specifically the specialist in animal welfare and applied ethology, Dr. Inma Estévez; the expert in soil conservation, Dr. Lur Epelde; the researcher in waste revaluation, Dr. Miriam Pinto; the biochemist specialising in immunology, Dr. Natalia Elguezabal and the biologist expert in animal genetics, Dr. Eva Ugarte.

At NEIKER we value the publication of this ranking very positively, as it is acknowledgement and recognition of the role of women in the national scientific panorama.