Thesis on forestry research

Forestry research
Antonio Correia
Evaluating Forest Species Response to Different Climate Conditions Antonio Correia
Lur Moragues Saitua
Application of biochar and boiler ash to forest soils Lur Moragues Saitua
Garazi Benito Carnero
Effect of tree species on the soil microbial community Garazi Benito Carnero
Catia Pereira
Effects of thermal stress on the somatic embryogenesis of Pinus halepensis Catia Pereira
Ander Castander Olarieta
Induction of epigenetic memory associated with stress tolerance in Pinus radiata Ander Castander Olarieta
Diego Llamazares de Miguel
Study of the genetic mechanisms involved in the density of radiata pine wood Diego Llamazares de Miguel
Tania Manzanos Martínez de Soria
 Study of Diplodia populations in plantations in the Basque Country Tania Manzanos Martínez de Soria