Forestry research

Tania Manzanos Martínez de Soria
 Study of Diplodia populations in plantations in the Basque Country Author: Tania Manzanos Martínez de Soria Thesis advisor: Eugenia Iturritxa
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Mikel Hurtado
Study of the genetic mechanisms involved in the density of radiata pine wood Author: Diego Llamazares de Miguel Thesis advisor:...
Ander Castander Olarieta
Induction of epigenetic memory associated with stress tolerance in Pinus radiata Author: Ander Castander Olarieta Thesis advisor: Paloma Moncalean
Catia Pereira
Effects of thermal stress on the somatic embryogenesis of Pinus halepensis Author: Catia Pereira Thesis advisor: Paloma Moncalean.
Lur Moragues Saitua
Application of biochar and boiler ash to forest soils. Effects on physics, chemistry and biology of the soils Author: Lur...
Antonio Correia
Evaluating Forest Species Response to Different Climate Conditions as a Base for Sustainable Forest Management under Climate Change Author: António...