AGENDA 30 MAY: visit to the first field test with somatic radiata pine conducted by neiker

16 May 2022


Visit to the first field test with somatic radiata pine conducted by neiker

30 May 2022

11:00-12:30 h

The genetic improvement of the radiata pine and other forest species coordinated by the NEIKER technology centre is one of the main objectives of the Euskobasoa 2050 project. This centres on a sustainable forestry sector and includes initiatives for further progress in knowledge, research and information sharing regarding the local wood in our forests.

The best technique for reproducing forest species is vegetative propagation, but by the time the specimens can be selected based on their characteristics, the trees have changed stage and therefore can no longer be multiplied using conventional techniques.

For this reason, countries with advanced forestry sectors combine classic genetic improvement with new biotechnological tools such as in vitro growing. One of this discipline’s techniques is somatic embryogenesis, a tool that allows the mass propagation of elite individuals.

NEIKER is an international leader in the development and optimisation of somatic embryogenesis techniques for the Pinus spp., which has led it to create the first forest plantation with somatic Pinus radiata in the whole of Spain. With this in mind, NEIKER has organised a field visit to the first test with somatic radiata pines organised within the MULTIFOREVER project. We are pleased to invite you to attend it on 30 May 2022 at 11 am.