Thesis on environmental research

Environmental research
Patricia Gallejones Bringas – 2014
Measurements to study GHG mitigation strategies using energy cropping systems Patricia Gallejones Bringas – 2014
Maite Gómez Sagasti – 2014
Identification and selection of biomarkers of early exposure Maite Gómez Sagasti – 2014
Mireia Núñez Zofío – 2012
Evaluation of biodisinfection for the control of Phytophthora capsicien the greenhouse pepper crop Mireia Núñez Zofío – 2012
Javier Hernández Allica – 2006
Phytoextraction: Environmental implications for soil health. Javier Hernández Allica – 2006
Aritz Burges Ruiz – 2017
Microbial indicators for the assessment of the impact of metal contamination and phytoremediation on soil health Aritz Burges Ruiz – 2017
Maialen Viguria – 2014
Ammonia and greenhouse gases emissions from manure storage operations in livestock production systems Maialen Viguria – 2014
Borja Muñoz Leoz – 2012
Impact of fertilizers and pesticides on soil and water quality Borja Muñoz Leoz – 2012
Lur Epelde – 2011
Evaluation of the efficiency of metal phytoremediation processes with microbiological indicators of soil health Lur Epelde – 2011
Fen Xia Yao – 2011
Suitability of anthropogeomorphic materials as soil amendments: a biogeochemical study Fen Xia Yao – 2011
Iker Mijangos – 2009
Impact of agricultural practices on soil health Iker Mijangos – 2009