Mission, vision and values


To generate knowledge which boosts the Basque agri-food sector.

The Basque natural environment is one of our most important assets for achieving a unified, developed and prosperous society in terms of food health, sustainability, economic efficiency and respect for the environment. The mission commended to NEIKER since its creation more than a century ago, precisely consists of generating scientific knowledge and solutions helping to maintain this historical deep-rootedness shared by the Basque Country and its agri-food sector in order that it will remain one of the bases of our wealth and welfare.

We want to be the benchmark of agri-food, forestry and environmental innovation.

NEIKER maintains a strategic commitment to the scientific innovation constituting the basis of our agricultural, livestock and forestry development. Thanks to this vision we are now one of the leading references in technology research and development focussed on improved farm production and management. All with the objective of meeting the highest standards of quality and safety demanded by the agri-food industry and the end consumer.
Our management is based on five fundamental values that inspire and drive us.

We are members of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, an umbrella body created in 1997 grouping different bodies and organisations in the field of science and technology, thanks to which we can offer specific solutions to precise challenges from the general interest of the sector.


People are the final recipients of the knowledge and research generated at Neiker with the aim of contributing to social development based on equal opportunities.
Scientific excellence
We develop innovative and ground-breaking methodologies and processes in the field of science in order to generate advanced knowledge transferable to society.
We work to an advanced target-driven management model under the premise of continuous improvement applied to all processes.
Satisfaction of customers and of society in general
We search for value-generating solutions in the agri-food and environmental production fabric in order that their advantages result in benefits to society as a whole.
Promotion of sustainability
We sustainably manage resources and infrastructures contributing to efficient surroundings from the environmental point of view.