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We support the implementation of silvopastoral measures and the conservation of indigenous livestock breeds to improve adaptation to climate change in Europe's Atlantic and sub-Atlantic forests.

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Demonstrative project

We want to show that it is possible to increase resilience to the effects of climate change in Europe's Atlantic and sub-Atlantic forests, an area where the risk of mega-fires is increasing due to rising temperatures and decreasing rainfall.

For this purpose, we will carry out pilot tests in 11 forest plots in 4 regions of southern Europe. There we will test the original condition of the forests at the beginning of the project and their improvement after the end of the project and the implementation of silvopastoral management with indigenous breeds.

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11 pilot areas,
4 strategic regions

We have chosen 11 test sites located in four geographical areas that cover a large part of the ecological and management heterogeneity of forests in the European Atlantic and sub-Atlantic areas (climate, soil, uses, etc.).

DEMO 01 - Pine grove of Pinus radiata in Orozko (Bizkaia)
Selective removal of Pinus radiata trees (thinning) promoting the development of the undergrowth with individual protectors and/or virtual fences. Grazing with "terreña" cows.

DEMO 02 - Quercus faginea oak grove in Jauregi-Azilu (Araba)
Grazing with sasiardi sheep in autumn, after leaf fall in broadleaved trees.

DEMO 03 - Oak grove - Chestnut grove - Pasture
Promotion of traditional grazing with the traditional Celtic pig breed "Gochu Asturcelta" through rotational grazing in oak grove-fruit orchard-pomarada ecological and meadow.

DEMO 04 - Heathland-heathland with pine-birch plantation.
Grazing with Bermeyan goats as a complement to reforestation in marginal woodland.

DEMO 05 - Grazing with goats in thinned and non-thinned areas of Pinus sylvestris
Sowing of grassland in thinned areas of Pinus sylvestris in which two stocking rates of native goats - Galician goats - of 18 and 36 goats/ha will be evaluated.

DEMO 06 - Management of soutos and pine forests in Ancares Lucenses
Evaluation of protective measures (grazing with Rubia Galega cows), mulching, fertilizers and grassland mixtures in soutos and pine forests.

DEMO 07 - Osmo (Cenlle, Ourense)
Extensive silvopastoral use of deciduous forests, scrubland, pastures and fodder crops with pigs, Celtic pigs.

DEMO 08 - Xaxán-Meira Mountain (Bueu, Pontevedra)
Use by fencing of woodland and evergreen trees (Pinus pinaster and Eucalyptus globulus) and scrubland by native goats (Galician goat) on coastal land.

DEMO 09 - Monte de Mestre (Ribeira de Piquín, Lugo)
Use by fencing of plots of woodland and preferably evergreen trees (Pinus sylvestris) by indigenous pigs - Celtic pigs - in mountainous terrain.

DEMO 10 - Holm oak grove of Quercus ilex and Quercus rotundifolia (habitat of community interest 9340).
Guided grazing with native goats - Montesinho goat.

DEMO 11 - Quercus pyrenaica broadleaved forest (Habitat of Community Interest 9230)
Traditional grazing with autochthonous sheep -Churra Galega Bragançana.


04 May, 2024

SILFORE on Galician television

Our colleague from the University of Santigago de Compostela, Rosa Mosquera, has visited the set of the programme ‘Bos días’ of Agalega channel.

18 April, 2024

Second follow-up meeting

Coordination meeting of the management committee and on tools for advanced silvopastoral management.

03 Janury, 2024

First video of the project

In this video we show the main keys of the project.

05 Dicember, 2023

Press release sent to the media

Information on the progress of the project.

30 September, 2023

Visit of the Forestry Engineering students to the plot in Moaña (Galicia)

At the end of September, 4th year students of the Forestry Engineering Degree of the University of Vigo, Pontevedra campus, went to one of the demonstration plots of the LIFE-Silfore project to see first-hand the work being carried out.

10 August, 2023

UAVs for detailed recording of forest formations

The LIFE SILFORE project has carried out the first observations using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in the two study areas. The aim of these surveys is to obtain a detailed reconnaissance of the composition and structure of these two particular forest plots.

19 July, 2023

LIFE SILFORE in the summer course "Montesinho Diversity" (SusTEC)

Within the framework of the summer course on the diversity of the Montesinho Natural Park, Marina Castro (CIMO-SusTEC) presented the LIFE SILFORE project, giving a talk on the importance of extensive grazing in the conservation of native forests of the PNM in Bragança.

25 January, 2023

Presentation of virtual fencing devices to Basque farmers

Meeting with the farmers participating in the DEMOS in the Basque Country to present the virtual fencing devices that will be used in the project. The interest aroused was high. Learning sessions with the animals will start soon.

23 January, 2023

First follow-up meeting

Coordination meeting of the management committee with the aim of preparing the visit with the monitor assigned by CINEA on 15 and 16 February in Pontevedra. During this visit, the development of the project will be monitored, both financially and technically, and a field trip will be made to visit DEMO 08 - Monte de Xaxán-Meira (Bueu, Pontevedra).

19 September, 2022

Kick-off meeting

During the day, the different tasks to be developed were reviewed, as well as the established milestones and deliverables within the general schedule. In addition, the project management procedure to meet the objectives was presented.