Santiago Larregla del Palacio

Producción y Protección Vegetal

Actinobacterias, Horticultura, Mejora Genética Vegetal, Protección Vegetal


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Dr. Larregla is an expert in management methods for the control of soil diseases in intensive horticultural crops. Long experience in phytopathology, especially on the subject of etiology, epidemiology and protection of horticultural crops. He has specialized in the control of soil diseases through environmentally friendly and sustainable strategies (biodisinfestation with organic amendments; biosolarization, biofumigation, green manures, anaerobic soil disinfestation). In these strategies, he has focused on the mechanisms of action, the effects on the soil, on crop health, and their environmental impact. | Another work line has focused on the selection, conservation and characterization of local horticultural varieties of the Basque Country. As a result, he has obtained and registered several horticultural cultivars. At the same time, he is responsible for the production of certified seed and its transfer to the horticultural sector. | In close contact with the professional horticultural sector, he has participated as an expert in the preparation of the Integrated Production Technical Standards for peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and chard and as an advisor to obtain the PGI for Gernika peppers. | Another work line is the introduction of genetic resistance to viruses in local varieties of Gernika pepper and Ibarra chilli pepper by means of classical breeding techniques and marker assisted selection with molecular markers.


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