Mikel Anza Hortalá

Conservación de Recursos Naturales

Ecología Microbiana de Suelos, Salud del Suelo




Conservación de Recursos Naturales Técnico/a Ecología microbiana de suelos; Salud del suelo


Mikel Anza is Research Technician in the Conservation of Natural Resources Department at NEIKER.!He has a wide experience in soils analysis, with special emphasis in the determination of contaminants and microbial soil properties, as well as in remediation assays of contaminated soils with organochlorine compounds. At the moment, his main research area is the assessment of soil health and quality through the utilization of soil microbial properties.!Mikel Anza has a Bachelor in Sciences and an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Agrobiology, both at the University of the Basque Country. He has published research papers in international and national journals, communications in numerous international and national conferences, and has participated in numerous research projects.