Jose Ignacio Ruiz de Galarreta Gomez

Producción y Protección Vegetal

Mejora Genética Vegetal




Produccion y Proteccion Vegetal


Dr. Jose Ignacio Ruiz de Galarreta is a specialist in Plant Breeding by CIHEAM in 1989. PhD. in Biological Sciences from the University of Lleida and an expert in teaching as an Associate Professor at the Public University of Navarra in 1994. He has been teaching a Master's degree in Environmental Agrobiology at the University of the Basque Country since 2006. In the Department of Plant Production and Protection he directs projects related to the Area of Plant Breeding, as well as being responsible for the maintenance of the Germplasm Bank of potatoes, maize and other horticultural species. He is also the national representative for the ECPGR (European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources) in potato. He has participated in more than 40 projects financed by public, national and European calls for proposals, as well as private ones. He is the author of more than 40 international publications, 10 books or chapters and more than 80 national and popular publications. He has directed 10 Doctoral Theses and is President of the Group of Genetic Improvement of the Spanish Society of Horticultural Sciences, member of the Spanish Society of Genetics, of the Latin American Association of the Potato and of the EAPR (European Association for Potato Research) .